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Think Local with a Schaumburg, IL Cremation or Funeral Home Service

If a loved one passes away without having made their own funeral arrangements, you may find yourself having to plan final services so that they get a proper final send-off. There are various Schaumburg, IL funeral home and cremation businesses vying for your business, but that doesn’t mean that all of them were created equal in terms of the overall experience.

A suburb of Chicago, IL, Schaumburg is well known for its Woodfield Mall that includes hundreds of retail outlets. The village is also home to the popular Legoland Discovery Center, which includes a lot of entertaining options for the entire family to enjoy. There’s something about the area that offers residents and visitors exciting options. So there’s a good agreement to be made for residents to support local retailers with their patronage.

When the time does arrive to select a death care services provider, should you go with an independent chain in or around Schaumburg, IL or would it be better to select a national chain with a location in the region? At Collins & Stone Funeral Home, we believe you’ll be best served by shopping locally, and you can do that by going with an independent service provider who has deep roots in the area.

Here’s a look at why your interests will be better served with an independent service provider rather than with a national chain.

Speak to the Person in Charge at Schaumburg, IL Cremation or Funeral Home   

When you deal with an independent retailer with deep ties to the area, it’s often easier to speak to the person in charge. You can talk to the owner or the funeral director if you have an issue you want to be resolved quickly, and you won’t get the sort of run-around that you might with a national chain where the decision-maker might be based elsewhere in the country. So if you want to be able to speak to the person in charge rather than merely that person’s assistant, you’ll want to deal with an independent funeral home as opposed to a national chain branch.

With a national chain, you’ll likely have a hard time working your way through the bureaucratic red tape. You may have to resign yourself in many cases to speak to someone other than the actual owner. And the owner may not even live in the area, which can complicate things even more. If you have to speak with someone who does not have the proper decision-making authority to resolve issues sooner rather than later, you may find the whole process to be frustrating. And when you’re mourning the loss of a loved one, you should try to avoid as much additional stress as possible.

Work with People with Connection to the Village

With a national chain branch, it’s possible that many of the employees could be out-of-towners who moved into the area simply to work at a funeral home branch in Schaumburg, IL. This means that such workers won’t have ties to the community in the way that workers at an independent funeral home would. There are definitely benefits to patronizing a Schaumburg, IL funeral home and cremation business that’s actually from the area.

Do you like the idea of working with people who you go to church with, shop at the same supermarkets with, play in the same recreational sports leagues with, and have other things in common with? Working with retailers whose workers call Schaumburg, IL home by choice rather than as part of a job commitment with a national chain funeral home will make a difference.

Build Strong Community

It’s important for people to support the communities where they live, work, and play. If you want your area to be strong economically, then it’s important to patronize the retailers there so that the community’s economic engine continues to run strongly. When you shop at a national chain branch, you can be fairly certain that a lot of the economic benefits will be funneled back to the head office. And that head office could be located halfway across the country if not on the other side of the country. What you want is for the money you spend in Schaumburg, IL to stay in the village. That way, everyone the community benefits – you, your family, and your friends, and the retailers.

Collins & Stone Funeral Home, located at 128 S 5th St Rockford, IL 61104, is the only Schaumburg, IL cremation and funeral home you need in your corner. We’re a local funeral home with deep roots in the area, and we specialize in helping grieving families to plan funerals, cremation services, and cremations with a service. We can also customize things to meet your specific requests. Our compassionate and professional staff members are also available to answer any of your questions. Call us at (815) 965-1515 for a free, no-obligation consultation. Whether you call or visit, we’ll be here to provide you the service that you need.

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