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Consult a Freeport, IL Funeral Home and Cremation Provider to Preplan Final Services

While there are more pleasant things to think about other than funeral planning, that doesn’t mean that you should avoid this important responsibility. Death is a reality that everyone must face at some point, so it’s best to deal with the matter sooner rather than later by preplanning your final services. Collins & Stone Funeral Home, a reputable Freeport, IL funeral home and cremation company, can help you preplan your eventual funeral or cremation service.

It might be tempting to put off the matter – perhaps to allow family members to take care of things after your passing – but there are good reasons for taking the proverbial bull by the horns and handling things on your own. Your first order of business is to find the right funeral home to work with in Freeport, IL, the largest city of Stephenson County. Once you’ve done that, you’ll find it relatively easy to preplan.

Here are some of the reasons why you should get your affairs in order before it’s too late.

Control Costs By Preplanning with Funeral Home and Cremation Company in Freeport, IL

One of the reasons you should preplan your own funeral or cremation rather than leave that responsibility to loved ones is that you can better control costs. When you make an appointment to meet with a funeral director, you’ll be able to comb over a price list, compare services, and essentially make properly thought out decisions without having to rush into anything.

One of the problems that families face if they have to plan a funeral or cremation for a loved one who has recently died is that they often give into emotional spending. In other words, they spend based more on emotion and less on rational thinking. This means that they may spend more than they can actually afford. Don’t underestimate the stress that your loved ones will be under after you die. If you want to save them from having to plan at a time when they should be focused on mourning, then it makes sense to meet with a Freeport, IL funeral home and cremation company about preplanning your final services. You can bet that you’ll be under less stress if you preplan when you’re in relatively good health and in a positive mental space than your family will be in if they, after you’ve died, need to spring into action to plan your funeral.

Spare Your Loved Ones

As was mentioned previously, you can spare your loved ones a heavy burden if you preplan your funeral or cremation rather than leave that task to them. Everyone deals with a death in the family differently since no two people mourn alike. It’s best to give your family the time to process what has happened, comfort one another, start the grieving process, and get themselves ready for the funeral service or cremation rather than to require them to arrange your final services. By simply taking a little bit of time, you can sit down with a funeral director to arrange how you want your final send-off to be. You can bet that your loved ones will be grateful. At Collins & Stone Funeral Home, we can help you to preplan so that your loved ones simply have to focus on grieving. We’ve worked with hundreds of families from all walks of life.

Do Things the Way You Want Them to Be Done

Are you the sort of person who simply likes to do things the way you want them rather than to allow others to dictate your life? If this describes you, then you’ll appreciate the opportunity to preplan your final send-off. You can select whether you want a funeral service, cremation, or cremation with a service. You can choose where the final services will take place. You can determine who will deliver the eulogy – and you might even wish to write it yourself. You can also choose things like the pallbearers, the menu should there be a meal afterward, and anything else. Basically, you can be in the driver’s seat and do things your way.

Get Some Peace of Mind

You can bet that you’ll feel a whole lot better after you’ve finally gotten down to business and preplanned your final services. When you know you’ve done all that you can do -- up to the very end -- you will rest better at night. Nothing grates on the nerves more than procrastinating – especially when the thing or things being put on the backburner have life-and-death importance.

Collins & Stone Funeral Home, located at 128 S 5th St Rockford, IL 61104, is the only Freeport, IL funeral home and cremation company you need in your corner to preplan final services. We offer funeral services, cremation services, and cremations with a service. You can get in touch with us at any time by calling (815) 965-1515. One of our friendly, professional, and knowledgeable staff members will be pleased to assist you.

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