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Buy Cremation Urn from Belvidere, IL Cremation and Funeral Home Company

When the time comes to plan final services for a deceased relative, you’ll have to choose between cremation or traditional burial. It’ll be easy to simply follow the directions if the deceased specified what they wanted prior to dying. But you’ll have choices to make if such plans were not made ahead of time. A Belvidere, IL funeral home and cremation company can help you decide. Both cremation and traditional burial are popular. Should you choose the former, however, you’ll probably want to buy an urn. It’s not obligatory to obtain an urn since you can also get an alternative container to store the cremation ashes after the cremation. However, many people prefer to buy an urn to store the cremains of their deceased loved ones. This is especially the case if the goal is to keep the cremains rather than to bury them or scatter them.

But where can you buy an urn if you want one? There are numerous options available. At Collins & Stone Funeral Home, we recommend buying the urn you want from the funeral home you hire to do the cremation. Here’s a look at your options for buying a cremation urn.

Buy Urn from Belvidere, IL Cremation and Funeral Home

Why does it make sense to buy a cremation urn from a funeral home? One reason is that it’s more convenient. Planning final services at a time when you’re also in mourning can potentially be stressful. At the lowest point in your life, you’ll be tasked with making decisions that you would probably prefer to not have to make. If you’re opting for cremation or cremation with a service, you will be able to save time if you buy the urn from a funeral home. Collins & Stone Funeral Home offers everything you need under one roof for your convenience. You don’t want to have to deal with numerous different service providers when one will do. We can recommend different kinds of urns, explain the benefits of different material types, and more.

Another reason it makes sense to buy a cremation urn from the Belvidere, IL cremation and funeral home you sign on with is that you won’t have to worry about whether it’ll be available when you need it. You won’t necessarily have this assurance if you buy it from an online retailer. The last thing you want to do is order a cremation urn online and then have it arrive too late.

Buy Urn Via Online Retailer

It probably shouldn’t surprise you that you can buy just about anything online these days – and that includes cremation urns. There are loads of options if you want to go this route, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best way to go. What are some of the potential drawbacks? Should you buy a cremation urn online, you will have to buy sight-unseen. While you can view, hold, and feel a cremation urn at a funeral home, you won’t have that luxury if you buy from an online retailer. You’ll need to decide after looking at pictures and reading a product description. Since you probably don’t have a lot of experience with urns, it might be harder to make an educated buying decision if you’re limited to photos and text.

You’ll also need be mindful of delivery times. Yes, some online retailers can get you products pretty quickly, but any of a number of issues can cause delays. Do you want to risk having the cremation urn you order arrive later than promised? The answer is probably, “no.”

Buy Urn from Brick and Mortar Store

You might also be surprised to learn that you can buy an urn at a brick and mortar store these days. All you need to do is conduct a quick online search to find out what your options are. Yes, you can often find quality models from reputable manufacturers. But the employees at these stores likely won’t have the expert product knowledge you want. If you have questions about the urns, such as what type is best for the intended use, you won’t get as much assistance as you would if you were to buy a cremation urn from a funeral home like Collins & Stone Funeral Home.

If you ask for our opinion, we’ll tell you that it’s best to buy the cremation urn you want from the Belvidere, IL cremation and funeral home business that you sign on with. At Collins & Stone Funeral Home, we know cremations and our professional staff members can help you plan one. In addition to cremations, we also offer cremations with a service and funeral services. Call us at (815) 965-1515 for a free, no-obligation consultation. You can also talk to someone in person by visiting our location at 128 S 5th St Rockford, IL 61104.

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