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Tips to Write Eulogy for Cremation or Funeral Home Service in Beloit, WI

Being asked to write the eulogy for a departed family member should be seen as an honor. It means that your loved ones trust that you’ll do justice to what really amounts to a speech honoring the memory of a person who had played a such a special part in all of your lives. Before the Beloit, WI funeral home or cremation service, you’ll have some work to do as you prepare the eulogy. Read on for some tips to write one that you can be proud of.

Glean Info from the Past Before Beloit, WI Cremation or Funeral Home Service

Your first order of business is to gather the information you’ll need to write a compelling eulogy. This means thinking about moments that you shared with the deceased, times where the family gathered, events that helped to shape their life, situations that demonstrated their key qualities, and other things of this nature. Did they enjoy spending time in the great outdoors -- perhaps at the 197-acre Big Hill Park? Did they love spending time looking at car collections -- maybe at Historic Auto Attractions? You can use these memories as motivation to get to the heart of what made the deceased what they were in this life. In addition to drawing on your own experiences with the deceased to develop the eulogy, you can also ask the following people for their input:

  • Other family members

  • Friends of the deceased

  • Co-workers of the deceased

The good news is that you don’t have to – and shouldn’t – do the eulogy independent of the input of others. While you may have known the deceased very well, others knew them too. And you may find that there are dimensions of the deceased that you never got to fully appreciate. So don’t overlook the contributions of other people. It’ll make the whole process easier. You may also come up with a much more well-rounded understanding of the deceased.

Organize Eulogy on Paper

After you’ve assembled a bunch of stories and thoughts about the deceased, you’ll want to develop an outline. A eulogy is supposed to be short and sweet – usually just a few minutes in length. So you obviously won’t be able to include everything in so short a time frame. That means you’ll have to be selective about what you touch on. Perhaps you will think of a theme and build your outline around that theme. If you’re interested in going with a theme, consider these questions to help you decide:

  • Was the person a central pillar in the family?

  • Did the person go through any significant life event that defined them in some way?

  • Was the person active in the community?

  • Did they have any special hobbies or special interests?

  • Was the person someone of deep religious faith?

These questions might give you food for thought if you’re interested in using a theme to develop an outline of the eulogy.  

Write the Eulogy and Practice Delivering it

After you have an outline that you’re happy with, you need to sit down and write the eulogy. Keep in mind things like the tone you want to achieve. It’s best to be as positive as you can, but the circumstances of the passing may warrant something more somber. If the person being honored had a great sense of humor, you can honor their memory by adopting an upbeat tone. Again, don’t feel that you have to do everything on your own. Get other family members to help you write and edit it. Then you’ll want to practice delivering it. You can practice in front of a mirror as well as in front of others. Get feedback, practice your delivery so that your eulogy flows, and use the feedback to improve the eulogy ahead of the Beloit, WI funeral home or cremation service.

Enjoy the Moment

When the time comes to deliver the eulogy, enjoy the moment. It will provide you with an opportunity to honor a deceased loved one in front of a supportive audience. If you have butterflies in the pit of your stomach, you’ll likely overcome this feeling in short order. After all, everyone in the audience will be pulling for you since they, like you, are there to honor a deceased loved one, friend, or colleague. You’ll be amongst likeminded people.

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